Saturday, December 4, 2010

Florida Historycaches

More listings of historycaches from Florida.


Spirit Quest #002: Touch The Battleship Geocache
This cache will take you to a monument to the U.S.S. Maine . The Maine blew up and sank, instantly sending 266 sailors to a watery grave on February 15, 1898 while tied up in Havana Harbor, precipitating the Spanish American War. The metal plaque is made from metal from the sunken hull of the Maine.

Florida Spirit Quest #006 Geocache IRON MIKE"-- This cache will take you to one of Viquesney's 134 famous "SPIRIT OF THE AMERICAN DOUGHBOY" statues, honoring the veterans and casualties of World War I. The statue depicts a soldier walking through shattered tree stumps strung with barbed wire, his rifle in his left hand and his right hand held high above his head, clutching a hand grenade.

New Smyrna Beach
New Smyrna Beach Geocache
Located at a historical site in New Smyrna Beach. A virtual cache.

Turnbull's Weird Adventures Geocache
New Smyrna Beach was first settled in the 1700’s, when an English physician, Dr. Andrew Turnbull established the colony of “New Smyrna”.

Chief Micanopy Geocache
Originally a Seminole village "Cuscowilla", the town was renamed after Chief Micanopy (one of the more friendly Native Americans). One of the first visitors was William Bartram, a naturalist explorer in the 1870's who wrote extensively about the area.

Palm Harbor
Florida Spirit Quest #001: The Lighthouse Keeper Geocache This cache will take you to the grave of the first Lighthouse keeper for the Egmont Key Lighthouse. In 1848, a hurricane covered the Key with water. The Keeper and his family survived the storm by seeking refuge in a small boat tethered to a Palmetto tree.

Tarpon Springs
Florida Spirit Quest #004: Chris Columbus, Rebel Geocache
This cache will take you to a CSA monument in a cemetery for an African American Freedman Chicken farmer who served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Ancient Conch shells on graves here denote the resting places of ante bellum non-slave blacks.

Lake Jackson
Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park Geocache This cache is a good lunch time cache due to there being a picnic table, and 2 walking trails nearby.3600 Indian Mounds Road Tallahassee, Florida.